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Good spots for family camping in Oregon?

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Just moved to the area (Portland area) and would love suggestions on good family spots to camp. We have two DD almost 3 years old and 11 months old, and are looking at campgrounds you can drive to, are safe, have things to do with little ones (like easy trails and sightseeing) and are not overly crowded, or with rowdy crowds, and beautiful. We would like something within 2 hours of Portland and in the mountains. Maybe, Mt hood or St Helens area?

Thanks so much!
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I like Mary's Peak, down by Corvallis. It's beautiful, has nice camping sites and great small hikes all around.
I've camped somewhere in the coast range that was great... I'm not a great person to ask... When we decide to camp, we often just take off and go, and stop where ever there is room (this was pre-DS). We have always had good luck, but we leave on a Thursday afternoon.

I can give you directions to Forlorn Lakes. It's in WA, in the Pinchot forest, just over bridge of the Gods. I haven't been yet, but understand it's about 90 minutes, and very accommodating to group camping.
Pinchot Forest Campground link

We're going for dad's day, so I can get back to you about how it is. I'm sure it will be cooooold at night, because they just opened.
I love Beverly Beach. Its a short walk to the beach (and I suggest you use the farther entrance because the hill is hard to climb on the closer entrance) and everything is really accessible. There are also Yurts available which are awesome for camping with kids.
Oh yea! Beverly Beach!!! It's beautiful there! Great beach access for camping, which is really unusual. Also... SHOWERS!
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