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good vibes for DD2 please

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DH has just gotten to hospital with her. i think she had sprained her wrist or hurt her hand, she wriggled her self off DH lap WHILE he was holding her, that kid is a wriggly monster, she cried a lot, she is not they type to cry over a scrap knee (she scraped BOTH knees on sunday, and never batted an eye lid, carried on playing, running, kicking a football)

DH took her to hospital to get checked over as after 10 hours she is still not wanting to use it properly, cant bear weight on her hand.

so can we please send some good vibes, lets hope its nothing to bad to my Evie please.

im sat her wracked with mummy guilt. im doing the whole, what if tis nothing, they will think we are crazy, but what if we dont take her and it turns out to be something bad

DH reminded me earlier that in the past 6 years we have had only 3 visits to the A&E (ds1 and 2 for DD1) and 1 referal (DS2) so this makes 5.

5 hospital visits for 4 kids in 6 years cant be bad.

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She has a broken wrist. she has a temporary above elbow cast on, have to go back tomorrow for a proper cast fitting.

my poor baby!!

Oh poor thing! Hope she feels better soon.
Hope she's doing better very soon!
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