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Good Vitamins/Supplements for children

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I am looking for a good vitamin or supplement to give my children to help boost their immunity and maintain good health for them. We have experienced numerous colds this past winter and early summer. My children expect for my first born (only up to 6 months) are not vaccinated.

I have read many posts on sambucol for kids. I have not yet tried it. Is that something I should consider and if so is it something I should give them daily or just when needed when they start symptoms of a cold? And is it in fact used for cold symptoms? Please let my know what your experiences are and what you use with your children. My children are ages 5,4,3, and 18 months. Thanks for your insights.

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Im interested to hear what others say......

Ive been using Alfa CF........homeopathic rememdy to use at the first sign of illness. They make an adult version that ive used for years, it really works. We also have a liquid Echinacea/Vit C that I give dd.......also, when we go on trips we use Airborne JR.......also has vit C, echinacea.....and more.

Heres a link to Alfa CF:
Rainbow Light Nutri Stars.

My girls are rarely sick and if they should catch some bug it never gets them down or lasts long.

My oldest should we run out or forget to take them for a week or two she gets these funny skin breakouts. Never gets them while taking the vits.
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Originally Posted by CK'sMama
I give my DS Yummy Greens daily, and Kanga Vites on days he doesn't eat well.
Ditto, except we give the Kangavites every day. DD loves her Yummy Greens; won't touch a vegetable to save her life, but will eat slightly sweetened kelp and spirulina... go figure.
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