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Goodbye Gift for Daycare Provider? (need ideas ASAP - must give on Friday!)

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We are moving our DS (3.25 yrs old) to a preschool program starting next week. He's been in a wonderful in-home daycare since he was a little baby. They have taken amazing care of him. They were willing to CD and feed EBM - both hard to come by around here! It was a tiny place with 6-7 kids and 2 adults. The kids call the people Grandma and Papa. Soooooo sweet. Its time for us to move on though - he needs more structure and curriculum. He had a year of preschool last year (3 days/wk) and was at daycare the other days. He loved the more structured day with art projects and songs and all that good stuff.

So... with a bit of a heavy heart, we're leaving our beloved daycare. We'd love to give them a gift but don't know what to give. $$ is tight for us so we can't do anything extravagant. What would you do?

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I gave my daycare provider a perennial for her yard. I told her that hopefully it will grow out of control and become annoying just like my kids
Ok not really, but she loved it.
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Personally, I give cash/gift cards. In-home DCP's usually NEED the money.

When DD1 was in in-home care, I gave a "Christmas bonus."

My first thought was to have your ds make a card. If you wanted to add a gift card to that, that would be nice, too.
I like the plant idea. We gave the kids a Curious George video because they all love that little monkey.
I would give cash but we can't do much right now and I don't want it to seem measley. We could do a nice plant though. Thanks for the idea.
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