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OMG people. I got my first Goodmama bamboo velour diaper in the mail a few days ago and was dumbfounded how soft it was... seriously like buttery silk! I figured that would go away in the wash, but after two washes they are still amazingly soft. and on top of that deliciousness... the print is SO cute!!

After it held in an explosive poop and soaked up 3+ hours of wee wee I was sold! I indulged my growing obsession and ordered four more in their beautiful prints! hehehehe. I hope DH never ever finds out how expensive they are.

Oh well, I justified the expense b/c they are one sizes and he's only 2mo old so hopefully Ill get alot of use out of them.

Anyone else have these and love them?! I actually checked them out after reading the 'must have before you die diaper' poll post a few days back... so thanks whoever posted that!
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