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I bought this earlier in the fall, we used it once and It's been sitting in the closet ever since. It's gorgeous.

Handmade by a WAHM (cgarrettdesigns on eBay).

-4 tying straps: 2 top/shoulder straps and 2 waist straps.
-Arched top to support a sleeping baby's head or for younger babies without head control. This can also be folded down so they can see the world around them. (You can see this in the front carry picture) My rider is 2 months old, when he's awake I fold it down so he can see out, but I still hold his head. If I need to be 2 hands free I have the arch up so he doesn't strain his neck.
-Fabric: Sturdy but soft cotton twill straps and lining. The front is decorative cotton.
-Reversible and machine washable.

It has a gorgeous asian print with chocolate brown straps, as well as on the reverse side. Very lovely! I loved this carrier, it easily supported Reese's 27lbs, but unfortunately, my back could not.
There is a picture here, in the Misc. album.

$25 + shipping (should be about $2)

PayPal only, please.
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