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Gorgeous soakers stocked at RB

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Those 4th of July soakers are adorable! A bit $$, but I bet they took forever to make!!
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Gorgeous! I didn't get a soaker, cause the size 2 is too big for us, but I did score a FLAM fitted for the babe on the way
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Dan would have a cow about the pom poms but I think it's absolutely adorable! He'd also have a cow about the $95.. he just doesn't get it! :LOL Amazing job!
Those soakers are gorgeous!! And I can't believe that there are still size 2 FLAGS just sitting there.
I got the red floral mix and blue floral mix size 2 FLAGS
I really don't need them, but they are so cute! And if they get here and I have total buyers remorse I can always find them loving homes, I guess.
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I was soooo tempted to buy that cute PomPom soaker for my ds! But 95 dollars
I'm sure it was worth every penny!
It's just soooo cute!
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
And I can't believe that there are still size 2 FLAGS just sitting there.
Got 'em! hee heee!
I think it is beautiful and worth every penny.

That said, I am sooo thankful my 4th of July soaker from Bridget is on its way and it wasn't that much, hmm...maybe Bridget should rethink her prices, cause hers are just gorgeous too.

I can't wait to post a pic next week!
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