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Got feet?

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I have had a set of little feet pushing on my ribs for the last three weeks. He loves to squish them up on my left side and press really really hard. I have to lean to the one side to avoid the pain!
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I have that pain too, but I'm pretty convinced its a head or butt.
I'm a left leaner since he likes to push up in my right ribs.
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Sharp pains under my ribcage on the right hand side. Check! He was a bouncy bean last week so I had quite a lot of this. Today was a sleepy day so I'm feeling slightly less abused!
ribcage here too, and she's been moving since 2am this morning more or less consistently.
yup...feet in my ribs on the right side....and something (arms??) keep wacking my left hip bone repeatedly....
Sure do! Last night they were all up in my pelvis though and it was sooo uncomfortable!
Wow...I haven't felt anything up near my ribs. Felt a lot around my pelvis, though. She sure loves kicking or punching me in the hoo-ha.
I think I'm having a ninja. She trains under the veil of darkness (meaning in the middle of the night when Mommy's trying to sleep).

I've been feeling her around my ribs a lot but also in my pelvis too. I saw some awesome belly acrobatics last night.
So the other night just before bed I was sitting on the couch. Well my belly has gotten so big these days that if I am not wearing a bra my boobs kinda sit on belly. So all the sudden out of no where, he gave me a swift kick to the boob. He kicked the very tip top of my belly right near my ribs where my bb's were sitting. It was soo funny he kicked so hard it caused my bb to bounce and it even caught my husbands attention, who was sitting next to me and said "whoa, what was that"

Jenny: I'm with you on the ninja thing, He is so active at night. the craziest thing to me is when I lay on my side and he kicks, I can totally feel him kick the bed, like his foot bounces off the bed. Its so funny to me!
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baby B loves to snuggle himself into my ribs, on the right. it doesn't hurt per se, but it is a weird feeling...

zen is when they find perfect spots inside and don't cause any kind of weird pressure when i'm laying on my side... i had an hour of that this AM... and then my hip started to hurt
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I don't think she's up that high yet.
Granted, I'm 5'8" and have a fairly long torso. The highest I have felt anything was probably a few inches below my ribs. It doesn't ever hurt, either. It just tickles, and makes me laugh. Sometimes, though, I can feel her wriggling around, or I can feel stuff on both sides. I guess that means she's stretching out, and punching & kicking me at the same time.
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I've got lots of pain, too. But on the right side.
I've had this a lot. Pelvic rocking and laying on my opposite side seem to help, at least for the time that I'm doing them. I'll also try to rub the baby down so that he/she can't kick my ribs. Ouch!
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