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Got My Clothes Line Up!

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We are got clothes line up this morning and it is drying clothes in about 30 minutes, vs almost an hour in the gas dryer. I am so surprised and very happy. We are still going to be buying the HUGE front loading washer and dryers but we decided to switch from a gas dryer to an electric and then dry very few clothes in it. (we will probably dry mainly baby clothes, dress clothes, and sheets) I believe this is really going to save us on our utitilies.

Also my kids love the "spider web" in the back yard with all their clothes handing from it.
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Yay! Plus you'll have that "smell" that dryer clothes just don't get...I love that smell (especially on my sheets when I go to bed!)
Where did you get a clothes line? I couldn't find any when we were searching.
I'm gonna be buying one this week, but I have seen them at Wal*Mart... (just a line, nothing fancy)

Originally Posted by OnTheFence
I got a square one from Ace Hardware for $45. I couldn't find one at the large discount stores or at places like Lowes or Home Depot. Here is a link to a picture of it:

My kids think it looks like a spider web! I've got two extra large loads of laundry hanging on it now, but my husband was able to get three on it yesterday. It didn't take a lot of space either. Our yard is pretty small so we didn't want one with two poles on either end.

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That is the one I want, I think. Is it the kind that you can close up, when not in use?

Is it sturdy? I guess it would be w/ 3 loads on it. I could see my boys trying to hang on it, though. It doesn't look like it could take that kind of pressure.
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I bought a retractable clothesline for my apartment balcony, as well as a drying rack that I can set out on the patio and move inside when we go to bed. Along with the clothespins, I spent about $30, but I think it will be worth it in the long-run.
I LOVE our clothesline. We do dry things in the dryer still but it definitely cuts down on utilities and it bleaches out stains from clothing and diapers. I even have a drying rack for indoors when it's rainy and yucky out because I like hanging things to dry instead of just putting them in the dryer.

our clothes line broke last fall.
We haven't had a chance to get a new one up as the ground is only just starting to tahw and we need to put a new pole in the gound. I can't wait until I can have fresh sheets again.
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How does everyone keep things from getting "crunchy" My towels could stand on end once they are dry.

I got my clothes line at home depot
We got rid of the spider web clothesline (LOL at that description!) and bought and umbrella style one from It was inexpensive and I can fit about 4 loads on it (from my big front loader), depending what I've washed. Home depot has a similar model for a little more right now.

If you leave the clothes out all day and let the wind whip them around a bit, it softens up the fibers a bit like tumble drying. Some people put them in the dryer for a few mins before hanging, others will put them in the dryer for a fluff cycle with no heat. I don't bother with either. You get used to your clothes feeling crisp for the first hour or so, and day-old clothes dont' feel clean anymore!
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Originally Posted by Celtain
How does everyone keep things from getting "crunchy" My towels could stand on end once they are dry.
There's another thread on this.
I personally like my towels crunchy.
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I LOVE that fresh smell the laundry gets from the line. Maybe this year I will do the towels outside.

I use hangers and hang the wet clothes on them and then hang them outside. It takes less space and works just as well. Then you can either fold them up or just put into the closet. I saw a neighbor doing this and I liked the idea.

I cannot wait to start using my line this week.
We have the same kind of clothesline! I love it. We havent managed to get it permanently set up in our yard (driveway) yet, so last year we set it in a bucket of rocks.
It worked pretty well!

It rains a lot here, so I havent set up the clothesline yet this spring, but am looking forward to it. We have a postage stamp yard and the best sun we get is actually in our driveway, so to get it set up really well we need to have someone come and put a little hole in our driveway for the pole.

I love the spiderweb description

ps, i kinda like the crispy feeling everything gets. although i remember hating crispy jeans when i was a kid.
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Nice contraption you got there. We have plenty of yard to put in an inground one like that but here in arizona i think its too hot to do that. I think the clothes would be done in about 3 minutes and burned. lol I found some rope in our shed and i tied it to patio cover poles. It works perfectly. Nothing fancy but its easy to take down if necessary. Does anyone else have a ghetto line?
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Originally Posted by SAHMinHawaii
Does anyone else have a ghetto line?

LOL... at our old apt we didn't get ANY sun in our tiny back yard, so when I started CDing I just dragged a couple kitchen chairs to the walk way in front of our front door and laid the dipes over the back and seat to dry (we lived in a 4-plex, so there was a long walkway with 2 on each side, and each apt had their own small sidewalk right in front)... so no, no ghetto lines, but I'm sure I upped the "ghetto-ness" of our little area
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I sometimes hand stuff over our old concrete patio- or up in our bathroom with the window open. I want a clothesline now that w have bought a home.
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