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Got my "" fluffy mail

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Looks good - a big thumbs up to the MDC mummas behind

Today we got:

For dd: 1 first class "fairy" print diaper w/hemp interior and one pul "tulips" cover

For ds: 1 dino print dipe w/hemp and a gorgeous teal blue wool cover.

My 5 yo dd was convinced there was bubblegum hiding in the packages. The packages smelled yummy.

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We got our packages today too! It's funny that you mention the bubblegum. My dh was searching for the bubblegum too! LOL!
The packages smelled so good!
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can you tell me about the wool cover? Is it thin and stretchy?
I'm thrilled with mine so far. I'm trying to figure out if the fabric on one of mine is hemp terry or what... whatever it is I'm really liking it.

I bought one size 1 FCB and two size 2s and it's a good thing! My ds barely fits into the size 1, only on the biggest settings. The size 2s fit wonderfully.

I'll be curious how quickly they dry in relation to the rest of my diapers (all quick dry). That will be the real test!
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We got two FCB size 1s for DD - an all hemp one and one orange with dragonflies. Tried the dragonfly one on her. Very trim and cute. Fits her on the second-tightest setting (she's ~18#). I think she'll probably outgrow the rise of the diaper before she outgrows the snap settings (like she did Kissaluvs size 1).

I'm wishing I had declined the free gift - my living room smells like bubble gum and I'm not liking it much. Took me a bit to figure out where the smell was coming from... thought for a minute that the postman had been chewing gum but then figured it out when I ripped open the bag.

I think I'm going to do an extra wash tomorrow so I can get them on her already, LOL!
Weird how everyone keeps mentioning bubble gum. I think my package smelled more like cinnamon!
It had a pail pal in it...
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Okay I got nothing smelly in mine
even tho I know I checked to include it. Oh well I love the FCB size 1 diaper I got.
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i got fluffy mail today too!! i got the most DARLING hand dyed pink dress/swing top for my dd with a little pink velour crown and princess embroidered across it. it is just darling!!! its 18 month so it doesn't fit her just yet but she did wear it today anyways. LOL
i'm with everyone on the bubblegum smell. the diaper pail thing package opened and the diaper was moist. it smells really good but it's really over powering!

anyways, the diaper is sooooo gorgeous. my dd doesn't wear dipes anymore, but she insisted on trying it on anyways, and it sort of fit her! she was so happy.

def. one of the cutest diapers we own now!
and it feels so soft on the inside!
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I got one of my FCB dipes yesterday--SO cute. Can't wait to get the rest of my order! My dh and I LOVED the pail pal, too. It's very strong, but yummy smelling. I also got an email yesterday that I was the drawing winner! I'm SO excited! I just
them gals at fluffymail!
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Yeah, our dipes were moist in the package, too. I wonder what caused that?

I'm contemplating doing an extra load of diaper wash today just so DD can wear her FCB diapers... I'm so bad, LOL.
how weird with the moistness. either way i keep taking out this dipe and staring at it. heehee.

too bad i have to wait all the way until sometime FEBRUARY to have this bebe wear it.
dh loves it, too. he wants me to get more....
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Originally posted by rubym
can you tell me about the wool cover? Is it thin and stretchy?
IMO, my FCB lg. wool cover is identical in cut/fit to my lg. sugarpeas wool. The wool is heavier than the sp. Thin & Stretchy - not really. My sp cover is trimmer as well.

I'm going to give it a try on DS this afternoon.

I haven't got my fluffy mail yet.
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Has anyone gotten a light-weight wool cover? I think those look really nice. I love a nice rtim wool cover!
I got my first package yesterday with a cute size1 fitted and have another on the way. The sad thing is that it's too small
so when the other one comes I'm going to have to send them back to exchange for size 2s. The service is great but now I have to wait a bit longer to try them which is sad.
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I got my lightweight wool today (in a pumpkin color!). Wow--it's super trim. Although this is coming from the fact that I've only used a Fuzbomb and Aristocrat for wools.
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Monica , what does your babe weigh? I have a size 1 FCB diaper but can't decide if my next purchase should be a 2. My ds is 17lbs. Anyone else have opinions on the sizing?
Owen was about 18 lbs when I got my size 1 testers. They still fit him well at about 20 lbs, but the rise is getting a bit short for him. I would probably buy the size 2 if my babe was 17 lbs, but I don't know how yours is proportioned.
Jamie- She is right at 20# with pretty chubby thighs and belly. She could have worn it but was on the loosest snaps for thighs so didn't have any growing room. SHe'll probably slim down when she starts to walk but I don't see that happening for a while (she's 8months today) as she wants to stand but can't pull up or balance too well yet. If I had weighed her before ordering (instead of after :LOL) I would have probably ordered the size 2s to start with. I was thinking she was still just under 18# like at her last checkup (last month) and figured well that was about 7# till the end of the range so probably ok. They just grow so fast it gets away from you.
Hope that helps, I'm not sure what her current measurements are, I need to check them again since she put on this latest weight.
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