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Got this in my homeschooling news were any of you milky mamas here?

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Nope, I heard about it on the bfeeding support board, though
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very cool!

Reminds me of when our 15 mo ds was only a few weeks old, my parents were visiting. On the morning they were to drive back home, we went to the local Cracker Barrel for brunch.

The little one started to fuss, so my DW fed him. Sitting at the table across from us and back one, a couple in their sixties with whom I presume to be their six-ish granddaughter.

The man, who was facing my wife's back but could clearly see what was going on, was moritified. I watched as the wife turned, saw, and let out this face of utter disgust. This went on throughout the whole meal, and I kept an eye on them. You could see them getting angrier and angrier. I almost laughed. The got to the point where they actually moved the granddaughter from her seat next to grandpa to sit next to grandma so she wouldn't be exposed to the, um, exposure....

and it's not like my wife was standing up, and in a load booming voice cry out, "Everyone, please, stop what you're doing and watch, as I whip out my boob and feed my baby!" She was very well covered, and only if you watched would you realize what was going on...

They didn't even finish their breakfast. As they walked out, I saw them flag the manager and have a nice 3-5 minute conversation with hm. The manager said nothing to us. I was waiting though; actually, I was waiting for the grandfather to come over and say something daft, like "can you please do that in the restroom"... I was waiting, oh yes I was.. hehe

I just can't believe people's aversion to something so natural.

edited to add a sentence...
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I hate that she was asked to not nurse her baby, that is just so wrong. I love that they protested it though, way to go!!!!! I nursed both my children a lot of places and I have gotten a lot of eat sh!t looks but never asked to leave any place. I just don't get how some people can get upset at a mother feeding her baby.
That was my homeschooling group! I meant to show up, just to give support, but it was a rainy day and I bailed. Apparently, the restaurant now has a sign in the window stating that nursing mothers and babies are welcome.
I love the "breast or bust" cracked me up.

I had an incident when I was nursing my six month old seventh born child and I was able to have policy change.

Activism has its place!!

It was pretty awesome. I'm relatively new to town, and I was amazed at the turnout, despite the rain and the short notice. And the breast or bust sign was inspired by some advocacy t-shirts my daughter and I have from Breast or Bust , which is my absolute favorite place for breastfeeding shirts!

It was a great event and the sign the restaurant has up now is too too funny!
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