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Got to see the heartbeat!!

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I had my first obgyn appointment this morning, and everything was going well until she did a pelvic exam. She said my uterus seemed small and so we should get an ultrasound to check things out.

I got the ultrasound the same morning and there is a sac, a yolk sac, and an embryo with a heartbeat! Despite the small uterus I'm right where I should be at 6 wks 4 days.

It's so exciting! All of a sudden it seems so real!!
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Congrats!!! It's so great seeing that little heart pumping away.
Congrats! That's wonderful!! I go tomorrow and I'll be 6w4d and I'm really hoping to see the h/b!
Congratulations! And such a relief.
Congrats! Seeing that heartbeat is the best moment!!
That is so exciting!!!
I loved seeing ours for the first time, but I was so busy sobbing in happiness that I didn't get a good enough look.

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Cool! Isn't it the best feeling to see that little heart pumping away? There's a person in there! Wow.
Thanks for your comments! I feel like we're past a big milestone.
Congrats on your new bundle!

I had my first Dr.'s appt. on 2/27/07. They did a pelvic and an ultrasound, which my dh and I got to see the sac. The Dr. said everything looks good so far. He estimated me at 6-7 weeks and due date of Oct 17th. How come we were not able to see hear the heartbeat? I know the books say usually at 9 weeks you can hear the heartbeat. This is my first pregnancy so not sure if this is normal or not. Any advice?
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