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Gotta love that sovereignty

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Iyad Akmush Kanum, 23, learnt the limits of sovereignty on Monday when US prosecutors refused to uphold an Iraqi judges' order acquitting him of attempted murder of coalition troops.

US prosecutors said that he was being returned to the controversial Abu Ghraib prison because under the Geneva Conventions they were not bound by Iraqi law.

So, US lawyers prepare cases for Iraqi prosecutors to be seen by Iraqi judges who were chosen by the US.

The US prosecutor says it's necessary to intervene this way because the Iraqi judges aren't doing what the US wants.

Gotta love that sovereignty!
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What, you mean "you can do what you want as long as we agree with it" ISN'T the definition of sovereignty?

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I can't say I'm surprised.

You think we could at least pretend for more than a day, though
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iraq is now the 52nd state. does anyone want to guess who the 51st is? come on, i'm taking guesses. anyone who gets it right gets a picture sent to their house of my offspring for your personal use. you can also pm or send email [email protected]
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The new guys are just the CIA's handpicked stooges, in my opinion...prepare to witness Saddam-lite. I guess they didn't learn from their previous poor choice, Chalabi, and previous to that, Saddam.

I swear...if a person keeps doing what doesn't work and just keeps doing it...repeatedly with the same end, and doesn't change course the next time, we call it insanity. But if it is our government doing it, we call it diplomacy and international policy.

If we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

Joyce in the mts.
i have no takers..........come on, play!

what country is the 51st state? what country could not exist if it wasn't for my or your tax dollars?
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