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What can a person do about this? I'm mainly talking about how scientific studies get stifled/or tinkered with by industries standing to make or lose money depending on how the studies turn out.

I'm very angry today, I just found out one of the most precious people on this earth has liver cancer. This person ate a diet according to the USDA food pyramid, and adapted whenever the government found "new information" pertaining to nutrition and health. All lies. Or watered down garbage advice that won't save anyone's life.

This is coming at a time when I'm becoming re-involved in vegan living, but this time I'm involving my whole family.

Even if you don't agree with a vegan diet, surely you can see that it is wrong for a yogurt company- or the beef cattlemen's association (or even a watermelon company) to be putting their fingers in tax payer funded scientific studies. Studies that are supposed to reveal truth through UNBIASED research.

I'm also angry with doctors for going along to get along. For not believing we are smart enough to act on change when it's necessary.

I'm angry that the dairy industry gets to put pus on every lunch table in America- no other beverages offered either.

What can be done? Can we start a class action lawsuit against the government for future cancers we will suffer because of their negligence in supressing important scientific research in the areas of nutrition and how vitally important it is in the prevention and treatment of a vast number of our currently rising diseases?

What can be done?
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