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Grabbing glasses

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My 18 month old was easily distracted from my glasses up to about a month ago. He is now on a one track determined quest to rip my glasses off my face. Nothing distracts him- any ideas?
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We're in the same boat here....DH and I have a 'Spec Straightening Session' every evening.....Matthew is constantly ripping them off our faces and mangling the poor things
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Hmm. It must just be an 18 month old thing. My own little booger is driving me crazy. Good thing that Lenscrafters gave me a one year, no questions asked replacement policy on the my new glasses (he broke the last pair).

Sorry, guess I'm not much help, eh? I could have written the the exact same question just about verbatim...
of course i didn't help the situation by getting fragile thin framed glasses. mine aren't the only target either- my 13 yo stepson's are in his sights as well!!
Ah yes. My pet phrase for many months was: "Mommy needs her glasses to see!"

Luckily I don't wear glasses all the time (only at night and in the morning) and he's grown out of his obsession.
contacts? LOL!!!! j/k!

i can't really remember how we got through it...but i know it didn't last long. he was obsessed for a couple weeks and we were just consistent in saying "mommy needs her glasses on her face" or something like that and he eventually got it.

we did get a pair of little baby sunglasses for him to fiddle around with...
As another poster said, my mantra for a while was "these are mamas glasses, I need them to see", I must have said it a bazillion times but it finally stuck. I just said it in a firm but gentle direct tone, guided her hand to another part of my face "this is mama's nose" or whatever, and she seemed happy with that. I never imposed any other sanctions or punishments or attributed hurt feelings like "it hurts mama when you pull her glasses" or anything like that. I just said that truthful statement above and left it at that.
Another thing that helped is we bought our daughter a couple pairs of cheap sunglasses, and I kept them closeby so when she would grab for my glasses I would say "these are mama's glasses, I need them to are your glasses to look at/play with (whatever)"...

Now our daughter only really goes for the glasses when she is way amped up(like playing excitedly) or when she is way tired and somewhat fussy.

Good luck to you
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