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Grand Rapids OB or CNM

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I'm asking this for my sister, who just discovered that she's oregnant with her second baby. Her first was an induced labor that ended in a c-section. She really wants a VBAC, so the first doctor is out of the question. Homebirth is not somethig that she would do, so I'm trying to steer her towards a CNM, but she's not sure how her insurance would handle that.

So has anyone had a good birth experience with a doctor or CNM in Grand Rapids?

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I don't think CNMs can legally take VBAC's, since the med profession calls them "high risk." I know my homebirth mw knows who some of the VBAC friendly OBs are. You could call her for a recommendation. It's Birth Song in the phone book.

If your sister is interested in finding out more, I know quite a few moms who had wonderful HBACs in town.
The only restrictions CNM's have in Michigan involves prescriptive privileges. Now whether their consultant is comfortable with VBAC's is another story. I know Lansing is about 2 hours from GR, but she might want to talk to the CNM's there about birthing at the BC.
I also know that Yolanda from Birth song knows a couple of good docs in GR. Might also try Patrice in Hesperia.
Can find all this info in the directory-available as a .pdf at their website-
Huh. I interviewed a homebirth cnm who had a lot of restrictions on what she would do, like no twins or VBACs. I thought it was legalities, but it must be her own preference, since I don't think she was officially working under anyone.
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