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Yesterday I took my sons to the children's museum. On the way there my 12-yr-old, who spends all his time in the blocks or dominoes area building elaborate designs, sighed and said that he really hoped any other kids there will be accompanied by their grandma rather than their mom.

I asked him why.

"Because a grandma will tell a kid not to do something but a mom will just let her kid do whatever he wants." he said.

I found this fascinating and mulled it over while we were there. Is this a generational thing or a parental indulgence thing? We stereotype some grandparents as being indulgent but, in actuality, are grandparents better at teaching manners than parents?

Wondering what other people think.

(Sure enough, while he was building a long domino run at least 10 different kids tried to come over and knock it down. They'd literally reach right around his body to push a domino down as he was in the middle of setting them up. What is wrong with kids today? Why so destructive? Why so casually malicious? I had to firmly tell them 'no' to get them to move away.)
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