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An experienced spec. ed. attorney just advised me that I really need to move out of our school district because it is the WORST for special needs. She said they receive many, many complaints, and seemed unsurprised by my horror stories of flagrantly illegal violations of basic civil rights law -- um, for past 40 years public schools haven't been able to see a child with a disability and tell the parents, "It's better for us if your disabled child isn't in our program." I could go on.

This same SD is applying for a huge grant for emergency response and preparedness that has a FEb. 24 deadline.

I would like the federal agency doling out the grants to consider the SD's flagrantly illegal conduct, much of which is punishable by loss of federal funding, and their overt hostility towards children with medical or educational disabilities.

Does anyone know anything about submitting comments on pending grant applications?
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