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Grape Seed Extract and colloidal silver

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Hi, Does anyone know if grape seed extract and colloidal silver are considered safe to use in pregnancy? What about nursing?

A quick google turned up conflicting info.

TIA for any info you can share.
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My midwife said I could take GSE for candida issues. I did some research a few years ago & while I don't remember what I found, I recall that I decided I didn't want to use it (something about it not being a very natural thing, they way they extract it or something). But I am pregnant & nursing, so that leads me to believe she feels it's safe.

The silver, not sure about & when I've asked, she didn't know. For a while, I was using silver daily & was giving it to my family. Now, I use it for colds/fevers but not daily for my family, but I don't use it myself because I'm pregnant.

I'll be interested to see if anyone has anything else to say.

GSE is safe, but I'm also not sure about the silver.
Grapefruit seed extract is for candida, not grape seed extract.

ETA: Maybe I should answer the question.. don't know about silver. I know many people who have used it to help heal a tear after delivery so it seems to be safe for breastfeeding, just don't know about pregnancy. Grape seed extract doesn't seem to have any counterindications while pregnant or lactating however no formal studies have been done (as far as I could find, this is the consensus.. doesn't seem to be a problem, but hasn't been researched).
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