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Are you supposed to cut up grapes for a 16 month old? I had some whole ones today and DD grabbed them and ate them no problem. Does this mean she can eat them no problem or should I be cutting them up?
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I would still cut them up. They can be slippery little things, especially if you've just washed them. Because she didn't choke on them today doesn't mean she should have them whole. I cut my kids' grapes when they were one and two. Grapes are just an awful size as far as choking.
I still cut them for my 2.5 and 4.5 year olds. Big choking risk.
Yeah, I still cut for my 22m old. I actually quarter them length wise so they are more like slivers. lol. I'm a bit paranoid.
I do home daycare with a government-licensed agency and we are required to cut up grapes for children under the age of 5.

Someone who works in a school posted a story on mdc about an older child choking to death on grapes in the school lunchroom which made an impression on me, so I'm pretty anal about chopping them. Also, anything like hot dogs, though we don't have them in the house. Sometimes we will get one from a street vendor or something.

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Yeah, I still cut for my 22m old. I actually quarter them length wise so they are more like slivers. lol. I'm a bit paranoid.
me too!
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I stopped cutting up DS grapes at about 14 mons or so. He handles food really well. I do however require him to be sitting and only eating one at a time and never unsupervised.

Is it a risk? Yes, everything your child puts in their mouth has some degree of risk to it. I am comfortable with this for DS, only you can truly judge for your own child. When I worked in a toddler room at a childcare centre I used to cut up the grapes and other food, that DS eats without cutting, for them.
I sill cut my dd's grapes and she's 2.5. She sometimes has a hard time sitting still, and it just makes me too nervous.
I quarter them too
Even half a grape is the perfect shape to potentially get stuck.
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I wish my 2yo would eat grapes! I have to sneak the into smoothies, so I guess that qualifies as pretty cut up. :p
My son is 23mths and I still tend to cut them up. I don't always do it if the grapes are really small though.
I cut too for my 18mo.
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