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great breastfeeding book for kids!

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I just wanted to recommend Mary Olsen's book "I'm made of Mama's Milk". I totally love it and Abby does too. I am always looking for books that show our way of life and this one does. It embraces the whole of breastfeeding, not just as a food source.

You can see it at

Anyone have other books that show breastfeeding, AP, etc that are meant for young children?
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What a sweet book!We just had a LLL meeting on kids books and breastfeeding, my favorite was"Breastmilk makes my tummy yummy" by Cecilia Moen
I haven't actually seen,read thru most of the ones mentioned,but I've got a list with short "reveiws" by our group leaders.It's sad how hard some are to find!
I need to get something like this for dd, as all the dolls (even a couple of hers
: ) have binkies and bottles. I really don't have a big problem with her having dolls with bottles, as bottles are a part of life too, sometimes, but I do want it deeply implanted in her mind that bf'ing is the first, most natural choice for feeding and nurturing your baby. She has never tried to nurse her babies, or have me nurse them, thogu she is very fond of imitative feeding behavior, either to us or her dolls.She will give them a cup, a bowl, a spoon, bits of food, but never pretend to nurse them.
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My son loves this book too. He likes to read it while we are nursing.
One of my favourite things about this book is that it contains *photographs* of mama & baby nursing - a rare sight! Most nursing books are drawings, and many are drawings of animals, at that.
This is my ds's favorite as well! The pics in it are "real" not drawings, so he loves to look at the baby and touch her face, lol.

My ds's favorite book is I'm Made of Momma's Milk. We also have Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy which I also really like, but prefer I'm Made Of Momma's Milk because it is a board book. I bought them both at Mama's Favorites. Kristi is great to work with.

Other books that I love are the Backpack Baby series. Also board books. They are stories about a backpack toddler and his adventures with Daddy. See one of them here.
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