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My family is in C'ville and my DH and I were in town for the weekend for my baby sister's high school graduation. While strolling around on the downtown mall, we went into a little store (I think it's called Boutique Boutique) to browse. Lots of interesting (if expensive) women's clothing, fun non-frumpy or frou-frou maternity wear, and nifty kids' clothing and toys...including (GASP) an actual cloth diaper for sale! I checked the label - Chancey Pants. It was a pocket dipe but was displayed like a lay-in AIO. I took it to the counter to ask if the creator is from C'ville (I recognized the "brand" but couldn't remember) and to ask if it's supposed to be used as a pocket dipe. Turns out that the creator is the owner of the store. The store used to be called "Mum's the Word" and was normal clothing that's suitable for maternity wear (I thought the stuff looked familiar, I had been in MTW), but the name scared off non-preggo mamas, so she changed the name and the location.

I'm not sure if Chance's mama is an MDC member, but I wanted to share this great C'ville find. It's sooooo cool to see actual CDing supplies in a real shop. I wonder if she'll ever stock more basic stuff like prefolds and wraps. I had a nice little chat with the girl running the store that afternoon. She's not a parent yet but wants to CD when she becomes a mama someday. I told her about Mothering Mag and MDC, and she seemed really interested. It was so fun to meet a crunchy girl like her and to find a crunchy store in an unexpected place!
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