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great deal on photo baby announcements

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just thought I'd spread the word.

I used Kodak gallery three years ago when I did announcements for DD. I checked there this time, and either I paid an arm and a leg last time, or they've gone up in price.

I hunted around and found out Costco photo center does photo announcements. SO CHEAP and they are gorgeous.

I got 100 photo announcements that are large in size (6x7.5") with envelopes for 29 cents each!

They are sooo much nicer than the kokakgallery ones I did last time around too.

I ordered them online for pick up in the store, and they were ready in 1 hour.


P.S. according to costco's website, they only require 1 stamp to mail.
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Did you have to enter Costco Membership info, or can anyone order these online?
Thanks for the heads up, this is a great deal.
I went to their site to check out the selection, but you can't do anything at all in the photo session until you create an account and log-in.
too bad I'm so lazy.
you do have to be a costco member.

the login literally takes 2 seconds. just your member ID number and making up a password.

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