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great idea!

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Looks great! You know, I have been meaning to email my OB's office about the bag I receieved from them at my first prenatal appt this time around. Instead of the formula bag, it was a bag with their office stuff on it, and full of general pg info, plus a copy of What to Expect...While that is certainly not the most bf-friendly book, the bag itself was a huge switch from the formula bags they gave out when I was there with my son. Think I will dash off that email, and maybe ask they consider the Nursing Mothers Companion instead.
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Other options for bf books they might be interested in is the AAP book on breastfeeding or THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING or BREASTFEEDING PURE AND SIMPLE(both available in Spanish).
Sounds like QUITE an improvement!
Although I personally :puke WTEWYE, it's better than a bunch of bf'ing advice from the makers of AMB.
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Cripes!! This was supposed to be in reply to the thread about the woman emailing her ped's office. dangit! LOL..Sorry!!!
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