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Great price on the Bella Band-maternity wear

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Hi all. I was reading the December DDC and folks were raving about the Bella Band. That sounded soooo nice cause every maternity pant I look at is waaayyyy too big and I just want to wear my old clothes as long as possible before I deal with weird U-shaped stretchy stuff that doesn't look very effective anyway. With the band, I can. O.k. I'll admit it. I was at the thrift store today at the maternity rack and ran away fast!

Anyway, it retails between $26-$40 online but I found an ebay store that sells them for only $14.99 and $3.00 ship!
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i'm pretty excited about this one
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OMG, can I just say that I have been reading everyone else's DDCs (especially the due date month), and I always want to steal their topics
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Does the Bella Band just slip over your body kind of like a tube top (showing my age here
)?? I saw an ad in a magazine & wondered if anyone tried it. Let us know what you think when you get it!!
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I used them with DD and they're fantastic.

And yes, it does slip on like a tank top. The sizing is a teeny bit wonky, so you might want to get two, one in the size you think you'll wear, and one a size larger. As you get more pg, it gets harder to get them on.

Plus, some of us are unlucky enough that our already "birthing hips" spread more in the last trimester!
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