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Just thought I would pass this along. Thought that somebody here might be a good fit. If you are interested, my advice is to apply ASAP. The order the AP is received does make a huge difference.

I am currently in the "training" process and should find out next week if I get in. If anyone does apply and get accepted, I'd be happy to share feedback.


The ideal Guide for this site would be a journalist who has published articles on green architecture, organic gardening and/or green living in general. Alternately, he or she could be a professor of green studies, or a published author on the topic. This person should have a compelling writing style and be able to explain complicated topics to a beginning-level audience. He or she must be familiar with HTML and writing for the Web.


The primary audience for this site is people who are people who are interested in living in a more environmentally responsible way. This includes folks who are making small lifestyle changes as well as people who are building brand-new green homes. It should also serve as a gathering place for people who have been participating in green living for years, and want to share stories and advice.



Green Living at Home

* Easy ways to save energy around the house

* Cheap ways to pull off an eco-friendly room renovation

* How to set up and organize a recycling bin

* DIY natural cleaning agents

* Product reviews of natural/green products

Green Living on the Go

* Green car care (ex., product reviews of waterless car washers)

* Tips for greener travel

* How to go green at the grocery store

* Alternatives to plastic containers

General Info

* Decoding recycling symbols

* Decoding certifications and labels

* Greenhouse gas emissions 101

* What is upcycling?

Info on how you get paid:
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