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Green poop problems

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My DD has been pooping green for 2 weeks and I just don't think it's the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance (most of my research points to this as the main reason for green poop). She's a marathon nurser and totally drains the boob before moving on to the how could that be?

The last couple of days she's had gunk in her eye, sneezes all the time and does a little coughing. But now that's gone. Could it be an infection? It's driving me crazy! I just want her to poop normal! Ack!

I'm not on any vitamins...nor am I eating lots of green veggies.

Please help!
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Can't help you, but I sympathize. My baby was a green pooper for about a month. I also ruled out teh imbalance, and sickness. Still have no idea what it was. But, she was healthy, and is fine now. I decided it was just an individual difference. the only possibility is that my daughter was quite jaundiced unit a month old, and the green poop went away when the yellowish tinge did. Is your baby jaundiced?
A virus can cause green poop and sounds like she may have just had one. It's probably just temporary.
Mine too was a green pooper and it left huge terrible rashes on his bottom. His stomach at 2 still isn't quite right. I think he has allergies to milk and wheat, but the allergist on our insurance doesn't test children under 4!!!

I even had his poo tested at the lab for a rare bacteria from farming areas, we don't live around farming areas. I honestly forgot what the name of the bacteria was, but I had to collect the poo and bring it to the lab (this was almost impossible to do because it was so liquidy it just absorbed into the dipe).
I was also under the impression it was a foremilk problem. It might have been. He nursed well too, but was never a plump baby. Do you nurse on the side last nursed on, first for the next feeding? I didn't and now with my 3rd I am and she is plump and doesn't have the green poos.
Best to you
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Have you added anything to your diet like an iron supplement or multivitamin with iron? I had a green poop problem with my son at first, they just weren't changing to yellow and it'd been two weeks. I quit taking my prenatal and poof! Yellow poops.

The true test is that when we finally got around to thawing and feeding him the milk I'd pumped during those first two weeks (I had to pump to get him to latch, I was so engorged)... the green poops were back, not as strongly green as before, but enough to tell me that it was the vitamins doing it.
Even if it feels like she's draining the breast all the way, she could be getting mostly foremilk. Try feeding from the same side until she's totally done. What I do w/ ds: nurse till he pops off, then burp him, then back on same side till he's done. Of course, it could be just a virus, like someone else suggested.Nursing on just one side worked for us!

Good luck!!
In my experience, the foremilk green poo is a darker green. Is this everyone's experience? My baby had a sudden ELECTRIC green poo last night. Like the color of fresh broccoli (even thought she is excl. bf). The doctor said it is probably a little virus, but I am suspicious since it was also tinged with blood for the first time--which indicates an allergy. We have had milk issues with another child, so I am lookingat that right now. It just seems odd timing--2 things at once. I was wondering (not to be gross) if anyone could comment on the SHADE of green we are talking about here? Thanks!
My 4 week old also has green poop, and has for a couple of weeks now. When it started, she got a really bad diaper rash with acid burns. She poops a lot, and everything points to the hindmilk/foremilk thing, because I have crazy let-down and excessive milk flow. She's also a very colicky baby, but not gassy at all.

I am also taking the iron supplements on top of my prenatal vitamins. So, I will have to try and see what works, what doesn't. My diet hasn't been great lately, so it could also be that.

With me, it seems like the problem is my overproductive milk supply, so i'm going to attempt to correct that (wish me luck), but otherwise, if I find anything out, I'll post it. Good luck.

Try the allergy question with your doc. Mine was not enthused by my request and blew me off, but I still think it was allergy related.
Doug now 2 has had been runny poop free for a few months until today. I think he may be allergic to wheat. The allergy care center on our insurance won't test children for food allergies b/c they out grow them!
I thought it was dairy and I definitely saw a change after I cut dairy out of my diet when I was nursing him. But he tolerates some dairy fine.
He doesn't like bread products in general. I think it is because they do a number to his stomach.
The acid burns are horrible, I loved the Weleda diaper care cream. The calendula really helps the skin heal.
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