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Good First Toothbrush

review by believer04

I bought this for my son as a first toothbrush, and I like that it's toxin-free silicone. My son is 20 months old and still puts a lot of things in his mouth that we don't want him to. So, it's important to me to buy products that are BPA-free and not made of plastic, if possible. I like that this brush has a ring around it that prevents baby from putting the brush too far back in his or her mouth. I also like the size of the brush and that the silicone bristles are gentle on their teeth and gums. Green Sprouts seems to be a reputable brand with quality products. This is the first product I've purchased from them, but I would be interested in trying more.

Toxin-free silicone, safety ring, soft bristles, easy to hold

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