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Green tea- caffeinated or non-caffeinated?

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So I got all confused in the tea isle at the supermarket this morning...
I wanted to buy some green tea as I am sure I have read it is good when TTC. I wasn't sure whether to get caffeinated or non-caffeinated?
Which do you ladies drink and is it nice? Also what are the bennefits meant to be exactly?
I have already given up normal tea and am drinking Red Bush ATM which is caffeine-free.

Thank you!
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I know none of the whys and wherefores, but I drink decaf green tea from Trader Joe's. But I've been doing that for years because I like the taste, has nothing to do with me TTC.
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the fertility benefits were only proven in caffinetted (spelling?? haha). So I drink that post O when my hubby doesn't make a big pot of coffee in the morning. When he does, I have a small cup of coffee.
I chose original green tea, because I worry about the process of decaffeination and what that does to all the beneficial compounds in the tea. The amount of caffeine in it is low anyways.

I usually drink a pot of green tea a day, and then switch to herbal tea. I may have to give myself some green tea breaks, I've been feeling wired lately.
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I didn't realize there's caffeine free green tea. lol

I started drinking green tea daily a couple weeks ago and didnt know that it was good when TTC so that's pretty awesome.
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