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If you don't mind, I've got some questions regarding the SCD and how you did it.
It makes a lot of sense to me because I realize I have to start the healing process and I have to be nourishing myself while I do this. The TED at this point is just not working for me.

With the intro diet did you eat all of those foods? Or did you have to test them one at a time? At this point, I'm not certain what foods are hurting my DD2 so if I eat all of those recommended how will I know?

I'm pretty sure dairy is an issue, don't know about goat's milk, or nuts for that matter. Did you start the yogurt at the beginning or add it later and what if goat or nut milk are a problem for her?

How did you go about figuring out the offending foods? One at a time and waiting four days? And how were you able to distinguish die-off symptoms versus food reaction?

Did you use oil/butter? At what point? What kind?
Did you follow their suggestions for supplements?
How long are the "stages"?

I hope that's not too much to answer. I would really appreciate hearing your experience.

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Sure. I found SCD after we knew what foods were causing problems. I did by purely observing her behavior, sleep pattern, crying pitch, eczema/skin reaction, it's reaction time, skin condition, bowl movement, etc, etc. I wrote all that in my food diary, and connected the dots together.

I did not do the Into Stage to ease into it the first time I tried the SCD. However, I did when I had to come back to SCD after getting off of it for two mo. (we were building our new house.) I did so because I realized how important the intro stage was. It took us another 6mo. + to be able to eat eggs, etc again after our second try. We are still on SCD somewhat, but our tolerance to sugar and wheat is much higher now. More importantly, the kids have not developed allergy, asthma or other auto immune deficiency. No ear infection, but a minor cold here and there. You can do the intro stage anytime. Especially, when you are sick or have to get back on the SCD.

No, we did not eat all the foods that are allowed in intro stage. I omitted all that we couldn't eat, like carrots, apples, etc. I did veg soup or egg drop soup in bone broth, fish, a little meat excluding pork and other bottom feeders at the second time we started SCD (after the move.)

We are not a dairy family. I never ate a lot of cheese or drank milk. However, I realized my DD couldn't tolerate whey from my food diary. So, I made SCD yogurt from goat milk. My DS, however, couldn't even tolerate the goat's at first. So, I had to start him with SCD nut milk yogurt. He can eat goat yogurt now. If you think cow's milk is an issue, I would try the goat milk yogurt first. And, try eating small amounts, to see if you'll see a change.

We stared SCD without the yogurt because I couldn't get the hang of how to make yogurt at first (now expert.) My first batch of milk was burned! I did not know how quickly the milk burnt on the stove. LOL! So, no, we added the yogurt later. If goat or nut milk is a problem, go for a home made cultured veggies, like sauerkraut, coconut water kefir, etc. Those that you make at home; (if they were made right) work much better with your gut than probiotics in cap. Again, try slowly and drink a lot of water with fresh lemon to avoid or ease the die off.

As I mentioned above, I figured out which were the offending food by observing the reactions. Some has more immediate reaction, some were worse the second day, how much you ate, how often you ate, etc, etc. When I write food diary, I write as a "diary" and not just a list of foods they ate. Very holistic approach here.

Die off and food reaction is kinda like the two faces of the same coin. Since children lack verbal skill to explain in detail, I watch what food did what, how and when. And, that is also another reason why food diary was so crucial to me. The die off we experienced were severe with coconut water kefir. It took few days of 1/4c kefir every day, and they broke out in places they never did before.

Also, some food made different part of body itch, like buckwheat made her scalp and behind the ears to break out.

I was not using any hydrogenised oil/food before SCD, but flax seed, sesame, olive and butter. However, I added coconut oil to our diet for baking since it is sweeter.

The kids were already on some of the suggested supplements before SCD. Now, they don't take any of them except enzymes.

I never paid much attention to the stages, except the intro because we were so limited on the foods that were allowed on the SCD. However, when our body is stressed, I will avoid foods from advanced stage, since they take more effort for complete digestion.

I hope I answered your questions. I hope my story will help you figure out what you want to do next.

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Thank you sooo much for taking the time to share your experience.

Right now I'm on lamb carrots parsnips and pears and avocados for a few days while I research and prep for the SCD approach.
You have been so helpful. I'll let you know how it goes.
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