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Grooming question for dogs - fur between pads

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I have a lab, a large lab actually, and we just noticed that the fur between his pads is really long. He's never had this before. I was afraid to try and cut it on my own, but to take him somewhere would be over $50 because they will only do a full groom. He doesn't need a full groom, so I'd like to try and do it myself. Any tricks to it? Anything we shouldn't do?
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Do you have a set of clippers you could use? Even the cheap ones for cutting kids hair will do it.
It's more common in older dogs for the fur to get overgrown--and for some reason I see it a lot in Choc labs--but less in the other colours.
If you have clippers just shave it out between the big centre pad and the smaller toe pads--do not go between the toes, just between the large pad and the small pads.
If you don't have clippers, just trim it with scissors, rest the blades gently against the pad and clip off whatever hair extends beyond the foot pad--make sure to use your finger to pull up the hair between the pads so you get as much trimmed as you can.
Thanks Shannon! I do have clippers so we'll try those, if not I'll try the scissors. Wish me luck. He won't let us cut his nails (though we used to be able to without any problmes) so we'll see if he'll tolerate this. If not, I guess he's off to get groomed!
Is he a house dog? I see this in cushy house dogs that don't run around outside. The outside dogs just wear the hair off.

I'd use scissors to trim it flush with the pads. On a dog that is not used to havign the pads of the feel actually clipped out, it can irritate the skin to trim it that my experience.
Hey Havoc isn't a cushy ole housedog, he's a rough, tough, fierce old man with furry feet!!

Who happens to spend 14 hours a day on his couch....
Pardon, sorry to disagree with you but .....that's a CUSHY dog!
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Rufus runs around outside.....for about 10 sec. LOL With winter he hasn't had much walking on anything other than grass.

In short, yes he is a cushy dog! The clippers didn't fly so we'll try scissors tomorrow, I don't want to stress him out any more tonight.

Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer
Pardon, sorry to disagree with you but .....that's a CUSHY dog!

Havoc's response: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

but seriously, I think part of it is country life, he walks on grass or a fairly soft dirt road...where he is usually running along the ditches.
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Hey, Havoc, don't growl at me! I like you!

I like you so much, I'd love to curl up on your couch with you for a snuggly cushy nap! So, don't growl at me ok?

And I'll trim your furry feet if you like too!
Hmmph. Cushy dog. Eva and Kleine say they'd like to go over to your place and duke it out but they just can't make themselves get off the sofa for anything but dinner or a small animal to hunt.
Havoc says you may join him on the dog couch anytime....Bedlam says you better not take up too much room!
I better come snuggle now before the baby belly grows too big!
And Traci, you can bring those hounds over anytime!

Originally Posted by shannon0218
Havoc's response: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
Havoc got banned, why is he responding?
you guys are silly!

I wet Ralphie's feet before I cut the fur off. It seems to be much easier to scissor off that way for me (and Ralphie). He does not have huge amounts of fur on the bottoms of his feet, but in the mud season, if I don't clip it, he gets huge mud balls in his feet (and then on the floor, sofa, dog bed, etc... talk about cushy dog life!).
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I can't believe your groomers charge so much! I get my schnauzer/pointer cross groomed for $28(he's got the schnauzer hair, very little shedding, but needs grooming). He won't let me touch his paws(only area his guarded about)

As for mud balls, I'm dealing with that right now. I hate spring.

And Havoc can come join Dusty, who is right now enjoying a sprawled out nap on the floor.
Rufus is going to get a full groom anyway. We're going away for the week and we have to board him.
Since he'll be getting a bath before he comes home, we'll have them trim the fur.
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