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Group B +, IV's and birth centers....

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maybe i'm being silly but has anyone here given birth at home or at a birth center and been group B+ ? i understand that i'll need an IV but i do not want to give birth in a hospital. I had a hospital birth with my 1st and while it was a beautiful experience, i really want to give birth outside of the hospital..
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Joanna, look around (maybe in the Pregnancy forum?). There have been a LOT of threads regarding GBS/IVs/abx. I know there was one still up today.....can't remember who started it, though.

Lots of information here for you to peruse.

Also check out the latest birth story. That woman had a homebirth and her mw used some sort of wash as an alternative to abx. No IV at all!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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