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Growing closer to my toddler

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Can anyone help me? I have a 2 1/2 yr old girl who used to be very attached to me. After I became pregnant with my second and had terrible "all day sickness" we started to grow apart and her father was playing a bigger role in her caretaking and playing. I desperately miss my daughter and want her to be more affectionate toward me and be more attached again. Have I lost her? Any suggestions?
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You will get her back. This happened to me when I was pregnant with DD and DH was home over the summer to help out after she was born. I felt DS and I grow apart. It broke my heart. I felt like I was letting him down all the time, too.

We adjusted gradually to the new little one in our lives. Soon he came to love her and got used to sharing me. Now I feel we are as close as ever. To be honest, Mama is #1 to him again almost to the point where he won't let my husband help out enough!

Part of it is our own feelings...sensitivity, hormones, exhaustion. It will pass. Be patient with each other, with her, with yourselves. Try to spend some quality time alone with her. I would take DS out alone at least once a week. He really needed that time with me. I feel it helped immensely.

When your baby is born, if he/she isn't already, your DH will be helping out more with him/her and DD will turn to you more. Hang in there! It will happen.
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