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Growing Greens One Size

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Does anyone use these and like them? They look like they have hidden snaps from the pictures I've seen on

Would they hold up to a heavy wetter?
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I don't know, I am waiting for one. I hope they work well
I got a seconds from them directly
Much cheaper way to try them out.
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Nak They may have hidden snaps. I have one abd am embarassed to say that have not figured it out. It works well with my ds with another thin doubler at night. Hope that helps. I am going to go get it and see if I can figure it out.
Will report later
I have 2, and while they don't fit my DD well (we're side-snap folks, it turns out), they are very absorbant and good for a heavy wetter, IMO.

If you fold down the front for a small baby, the snaps are hidden. If you use the rise fully extended for a larger baby, the snap-in soaker hides the snaps, so they're hidden then, as well. They're really quite soft and yummy
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Nice, well made diaper if fuzzy side out hemp works for you. (I can't do fuzzy hemp because it gets too scratchy in my hard water).

It's got six layers of hemp in wetzone (including soaker). Six layers of hemp isn't enough for my super soaker dd with wool covers but is adequate with a PUL cover.
Growing greens are perfect for a heavy wetter. I loved mine.

I got mine on ebay as seconds from the manufacturer. Haven't seen any lately on there. 5 for $40. Came with a fleece lined doubler. I use 2 doublers at night with a Warm Heart Woolies because the diaper itself is rather thin. I actually like that, though, because it's trim for daytime. All in all, a really good workhorse for the money.
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