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I wanted to see what other parents have had with growing pains in pre/teens either for yourself or your dc. Most specifically knee pain.

My 11 yo dd has had knee pain on and off for about 5 years. Sometimes just one knee while other times it is both. It wasn't usuallly enough pain to stop her doing things, but sometimes it would slow her down. Then about 9 months ago, her right knee swelled up like a grapefruit and she was off of it for about 4 days. We did R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compress, and elevation) along with some homeopathics, she had no signs of fever, but her appetite did wane.

After some research my DH came to the conclusion that she has Osgood-Schlatter disease, which I think means that her quad muscles are growing faster than her tendons can manage and have forced microscopic tears in her tendons that then need to heal. My dd agrees with him but I have to admit while it makes sense, it it just hard to see my dd in such a position.

She does play soccer and I have a neice that has had a similar situation and because she never stopped or slowed down has ended up tearing her tendon in her right knee requiring surgery at 15. We do not like going to allopathic doctors, we currently have a Naturopathic physician that suggested it could possibly be a wheat allergy but this doesn't seem to make sense to me since there aren't any other allergy signs.

She has grown 2 inches in about 11 months so that goes along with the rapid growth. She ended up with another episode about 3 weeks ago. She also has been going through some emotional rough times with a friend of hers which has corresponded with the episodes.

I guess I am just not sure how to approach this and I am looking for any advice you parents may have.

I am also going to cross post this is Health and Healing.


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