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growing pains?

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my poor dd woke up crying because of her knee hurting, this has happened before...growing up I had knee pains a lot and everyone said they were
'growing pains"....could that be what this is? I'm thinking maybe it is some kind of deficiency??

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My older two have gotten growing pains. Usually it's in their calf muscles though. We massage them to help ease them.

Make sure she's drinking plenty of water with the warmer weather upon us. Dehydration can cause cramps too.
thanks, it seems to be in her joint not the muscle...poor thing was really hurting last night
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Growing pains are usually in the muscles covering the long bones. The bone grows first and the muscles stretch out until they can catch up. ben has been waking up with growing pains at night lately too. Not fun.

I think if it is her knees, you may want to have the dr or chiro check her out. I have chronic knee pain caused by a birth defect that went undetected till I was 14. Having it caught sooner may have made a big difference in my life.
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