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growing pains?

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When I was about 7 or 8 years old (I think that age) I remember having terrible pains in my legs. My mom called them growing pains. I remember crying myself to sleep at night they were so bad! (not sure why no one ever offered me a motrin or tylenol or something?) (yes, I know all about tylenol being bad, but my mom didn't) My dd has been "waking" at night (really she's still half asleep, eyes closed sometimes still) and crying. It's more of a moaning "I'm hurting" crying. She's 10 months old. I've pretty much ruled out all the obvious reasons. I have started co-sleeping with her, so I know she's not lonely. It's not the teeth, I'm fairly certain. No new foods for either of us. Nothing going on here at home to upset her. Anyways, it finally hit me while watching her last night. Could it be "growing pains". Could her little body hurt? I gave her some Motrin -which I really never, ever do, and it helped. She slept for 3 hours straight. Any thoughts? Anyone else ever have growing pains??
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If it's growing pains or any kind of cramps calcium and magnesium supplements are supposed to help. My dad had them as a kid, I never did. I'd minimize the painkillers if there's any other way to fix the problem.
I do agree with wanting to minimize using pain killers. But at 10 months old, shouldn't she be getting all the ca and mg that she needs from bf? I didn't have cramps as a kid, it was more of a deep, bone ache. That's what I was thinking she may be experiencing.
I don't know what it is, but my almost 10 month old does it too sometimes! ds is the same conclusion though.

Anyways, my cousin's 9 yo son says he gets them and he eats bananas to help stop the cramps. Potassium....

Funny conversation, he says, "Your ds likes bananas(I was feeding him at that moments) , then he says "they help with cramps." My cousin sees the weird look on my face, "Growing pains/cramps, not the other ones" she says.
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the banana thing makes sense. My dd eats banana bits every day for breakfast though...
My older dd started having growing pains at around age 3. I give her a hot pack to put on her legs, and she goes right back to sleep.
My eldest is having a bad bout of growing pains, and he sleeps with a hot water bottle. In August
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