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Growth of 30 percent Chinese babies impaired by lack of breast milk

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BEIJING (AFP) - Thirty percent of Chinese babies experience impaired growth because their mothers are unable to breastfeed them, state media reported.

Some women face harsh physical conditions, making them unable to produce breast milk, while others are simply too busy working to breastfeed their babies, Xinhua news agency said on Monday, citing medical expert Ding Zongyi.

Although China has become a far more prosperous country over the past two decades of economic reform, breastfeeding has actually declined, according to the agency.

One of the reasons is that many Chinese women believe substitutes such as milk powder offer a healthier alternative, a notion now widely dismissed by foreign health experts.
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That is just so sad. Particularly if they are still restricted to one child I would think they would want to get the most out of and put the most into the rearing of that child. For my money that means breastfeeding.
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