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I have too many barely worn shoes!<br><br>
My son went form a newly sized 10 in may to an eleven and a half in September. Meanwhile family had bought him shoes while outlet shopping etc.<br><br>
He wore sandals all summer and some of these shoes once or twice. Literally that's it. When cold weather hit in september I tries to put on the shoes and well, it was a no go. They didn't fit.<br><br>
What I have.<br><br>
A FANTASTIC buster brown hiking type boot with double velcro ties in 10. I am so sad he didn't really use them. Once mid summer. That's it.<br><br>
Soccer cleats size 10. worn a couple of times, still look and feel new.<br><br>
Generic blue and grey sneakers. worn 3 times tops. Size 10<br><br><br><br>
Boat shoes worn once to a wedding. It was wet that day so they do look worn, but they're still really cute and great for a dressy event.<br><br>
Take these off my hands. They're clogging my closet.<br><br>
Also just cause I don't need them, worn one season and now outgrown. 4t Grey hoodie and red hoodie.<br><br>
I'd take $5 for the buster browns, $3 each on the rest of the shoes plus actual shipping whatever it is. Hoodies--$2 each.<br><br>
If you have something for trade, let me know. My son has gone into the world of regular boy sizes, 4 or 5. I like candles, soaps, yummy smelling things.
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