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grumble grumble...little stinker...grumble...

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Ds tantrumed all through speech therapy today. Why? We wanted him to say "open," which we know full well he can say and use appropriately. Scream scream flail flail cry cry. Therapist leaves, we take a nap, he gets up and casually walks over to the closet where his swing is kept and taps on the door and says "open" three times.

Tell me it's not just my kid who likes to torture his therapists on occasion.
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Maura doesn't talk for the ST. She just sits and stares and smiles and blinks cutely. Maura does repeat words for the OT though. She also would take steps for the ST and not the PT.

What I have found that works is taking video of her accomplishments and bringing that in, lol! I knew when she started walking that she wouldn't do it for the PT so I took video with my digital camera and brought it with me to PT. The other night, Maura was counting out her chicken nuggets, which was impressive enough (just up to three, but still!) So I grabbed the digi cam again, shot some video, uploaded it to my computer, edited the clip and sent it to the ST.

I find this helps b/c I can say "Oh, she can say stuff" but no one believes me until they see it.
I'm impressed he can say it! Eoin can't say 'open' and has only ever signed it a couple of times, and NOT on command but spontaneously when he REALLY wanted to say it. It's a great functional word to have!

Eoin can do 'on' but not 'off', 'in' but not 'out'. This produces some frustration!

On Monday the ST, her student, and I were all trying to get Eoin to say that the car was IN the tractor trailer. He had just put it there. He would NOT do it on command. Often just being asked is what makes him freeze up. His tactic is avoidance. He looks at us out of the side of his eyes and sidles off to find another toy. I joked, "he's thinking, what's wrong with these women! They saw me put it in there just a second ago, why are they asking me where it is?"

Then a few minutes later we all had whistle straws and his ST was trying to get him to say 'blow' -- to any of us, take his pick. He solemnly went round and collected the straws from everyone and gave them to me and said 'all done' -- just the phrase he'd refused to say a minute ago when picking a new activity...

You just have to laugh sometimes. Fiona
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LOL My daughter barely makes a peep at ST, but babbles to me the whole way there and the whole way home. Her speech therapist's theory, though, is that C knows the therapist is trying to get her to do something that is hard for her and she doesn't want to have to do it. One of the therapists big goals right now is just to get her comfortable enough there that she's willing to verbalize more. I need to try to get her babbling on camera, but I have a feeling the little bugger will stop when I get out the camera.
LOL. My DS is like that also. This is the end of his 2 week spring break and I can tell he's babbling more and more and even tried to say "Voom"
$10 says that when he sees his ST on Tuesday he's as quiet as a mouse (or just screaming)
I did get a little bit of his talking on tape and will show that to his ST as proof! LOL!
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At 9, Ds is still exactly like the kids y'all describe. With him, at least, it isn't really orneriness, although I think he could do better if he particularly tried. At home, he is articulate and charming; with strangers, teachers, therapists, or any authority figure, he is silent, sullen, and uncooperative. It's more like the stress of the situation overloads the circuits, and he just can't relax enough to get out more than a monosyllabic grunt. But he doesn't always appear stressed - so folks see him as rude, self-absorbed or even unable to speak, depending on which style he is displaying today. But we at home know better!
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