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GSE or what for 1 year old w/ear infection

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My friend on another board has a 12 month old w/his first ear infection. Dr. said it was a mild ear infection and prescribed Zithromax. I hate the thought of the poor baby being on such a hard abx. for a mild ear infection. He isn't breast-fed. Can the mom give him GSE or something for it?

Not that she'll listen to me, but it's worth a try to find something else other than those(I know from experience. Too many abx. have really messed up my ds).

Sadly I think she is opposed to the chiropractor idea, which is the only thing that prevented my son from getting tubes put in his ears.


Oh, and apparently her almost 4 yr. old might have to start taking them soon too if he doesn't get better. All I know is he's been vomiting and the doc. gave them a prescription for abx.(will that even help?)..
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