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To fight the yeasties I am taking GSE capsules and Probiotic supplements. I am applying diluted GSE topically to my nips. I am giving my DD Probiotic supplements.
She is almost 10months old and her diet consists mostly of my breastmilk. She gets very little solid food and I have not introduced anything new recently. I also have not eaten anything new recently.
Her poo has started to reek!!!
I was wondering if it could be the supplements I am taking. She doesn't seem to show any signs of gastrointestinal distress. No gassiness or fussiness. She still goes maybe 1-3 times a day like she usually does, but it just smells so bad! I'm used to the sweet bfed poo smell. I think this has been going on for about a week, which is about how long I've been taking the supplements.
Coincidence or connection?
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