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Guess Baby's Position...

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ok. we have been trying to figure out for weeks if babe is head first or not. take a look at these pictures. whatcha think? from the strong kicks, i am thinking babe alternates between ROP and LOP. hiccups are low and small creepy wiggles are in front above pubic bone. everyone says babe looks breech from the bulge at the very top of my uterus. but the bulge changes shapes and pushes out when babe kicks...

side shot

front bumps!

thanks for amusing me
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I looked at your pictures- but I honestly can't guess. I would think if you are feeling kicks near your ribs baby is head down. What does your care provider think?
I can't tell from the pictures. And to tell you the truth, at least for myself I don't trust hiccups to be a good indicator. My baby is definitely breech (confirmed by ultrasound, and I can feel her big knobby head above my belly button) and I still only notice hiccups down low. But when I put my hand on her head as she's hiccuping, I feel her head moving too. I also get a lot of wiggly movements down low. It's just because she's shifting her feet around (she's in a footling breech). I don't feel her arms move very often, but she does move her head a lot. So, based on comparing what you're saying to what I've been feeling, I'd say it could go either way for you.
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