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guess what mamas??

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shopko called me this morning and I have orientation tomorrow afternoon. so far ds's father is going to be *watching* him. luckily it's only for 3.5 hrs so he should be okay. he's done that before.

I'm so excited...i'm proud too because I *earned* this job all by myself... the last 2 jobs my mom got for me so this one is extra special.

thank you everyone for listening to my crazy worries about the interview...

should I tell them tomorrow at orientation that i'm really 27wks pregnant or just bring it up if they say something? Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks?
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Congratulations! My hunch is to wait a few weeks to tell them, once they have had a chance to get to know you and value your work.
Congratulations!! I hope you like the job!
thanks i've decided to wait i really cannot take the chance that they will change their minds about the job offer so I will just wait a month or so and talk to them about maybe coming back when he's 6wks old or so.
Congratulations and good luck!!
haha i caved. actually the shirt i wore accented my bump but it wasn't an issue.
the other girl that got hired is actually pregnant as well
it was a great day and i'm excited to start work. even if it pays peanuts. peanuts is better than nothing when you are starving kwim??
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