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We were all tucked nice and warm into our beds this morning when a little
came to our house, and left a package on our doorstep. Inside, was the sweetest letter from her and a wonderful package of beautiful fluff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Kissaluv size 0 colors in green, blue, yellow, and orange!!!!!

2 Sugarpeas size 2 fitteds for my toddler!!!!!!

Dh and I were overwhelmed!!! Dd wanted one on her butt immediately! And she was squeezing the Kissaluvs shouting "For the new baby's teeny weeny tushie!!!!" We were all in bed in our jammies playing with our new fluff!

So, Dear Diaper Fairy....a big thank-you from our family...what a sweet Saturday-morning wake-up! Everything will be well-loved by our family!

Katie, Nate, and Lucy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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