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Gymboree Gymbucks

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I have 2 of these valued at $25 each. I spent $100 just to get the GB but now I do not think we really need more clothes. After all, I am trying to pare down our wardrobes.
These are worth $50. I would like $35. These are to be spent between July 8th and 18th.
PM me if interested.
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Hi there! I think I *may* have Pm'ed you about these before, but I can't quite remember! LOL

Anyway, if you are interested in a trade of some sort (I always have something for everyone--too much stuff!), let me know. We are IDSO Gymbucks, but IDNO paypal! LOL

I just wanted to say that if you can't find anyone to buy them, and end up just stuck with them, can you send them to us? I would be glad to send you what little paypal I have.

We can't afford to BUY them, and buy the clothing, too, but we can talk a Grandma into going shopping if there is a good deal!

Maybe that's too forward of me! :LOL
Hey nothing's too forward!! I will say that if they do not sell I will probably just go shopping. :LOL
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