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Had a dental x-ray - what if I'm pregnant?

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I don't yet know if am pregnant - I'm getting suspicious, but I would be pretty surprised. I'm worried because I had a dental x-ray on Friday. It was just one, aimed at my jaw, and I had a lead cover on. Is this anything to be concerned about? Or does it take a whole lot of x-ray exposure to be damaging?
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I really don't think this is anything to worry about. This pregnancy is a surprise and when it was VERY early I had a full torso x-ray at the chiropractor
Of course I would avoid that at all costs but, like I said, it was only day 24 or so in my cycle and I had no symptoms. I haven't been worried at all. At that stage the 'baby' is so well protected - I can't waste my energy worrying about it.

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Like Keri said, it is way early so the baby is well protected. Since the x-ray was just on your head I wouldn't worry about it at all.
Thank you for the reassurance!

I have taken two pregnancy tests, and both are negative, but no AF yet. So the mystery continues. But at least now I don't have to worry about having irradiated my baby in utero! (Is that even the correct term for x-ray exposure?)
Incase you are prego.

I had x-rays on my hands and feet early on. I looked into it a lot and x-rays don't spread. so if they take a picture of your teeth it is only hitting that area. As well x-rays these days are at a low rate so you could even get your belly done and nothing may happen. ( I am not saying you should do this) It is also the worst from 6 to 12 weeks .

I hope that helps ease some worry.
plus you had the lead shield on, which protected your uterus. nak
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