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Had our homevisit yesterday

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I am just excited so I wanted to share
My midwife & one of her assistance came over yesterday to look around the house & talk about our plans, review the birth process etc... DS was bouncing off the walls
I was so embarrased. I think he really likes the assistant so he was showing off for her
: But it was good in that I feel much better about having my mom & MIL here for the birth to take care of him. I really don't want them here, but he definatly needs someone to help him deal.

Everything went well inspite of the crazy monster running around. My mw will be on vacation until Sept 1st, so baby MUST stay put until then!!! Fortunatly she won't be that far away & I can always call her cell phone if I really need her.

When we were talking about DS's birth & how I don't remember much of it I realized something that makes me feel SOOO much better. Towards the end of pushing I went deep within myself & I have little to no memory till about 30-45 min after he was born. I was thinking that I just couldn't deal with the intensity of the situation & the pain & was afraid it would happen again this time. However I realized yesterday that I had only had about 2 hrs of sleep before I went into labor, so I think I was just exausted. This make me very happy & explains alot about that day.

I am just excited now because I feel like I can relax. I am in the final stretch & I can just enjoy, or atleast try
to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. There are only 2 major cleaning things left to do & they really aren't that bad, then it is just maintence cleaning, freezing food & that kind of stuff left to do. I can't believe it is REALLY almost time.

Thanks for letting me babble
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It feels official now, doesn't it? We had ours last week and mw left a thing of rolling drawers full of supplies. I am so used to having late babies that I haven't even really considered the fact that this one might be early. I would be shocked and completely unprepared!

We're getting there!!!
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Yay, how exciting!
I have my next office visit on tuesday, then my home visit the week after that
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