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Had sex, now red spotting

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Im from the oct. board but I thought i would ask her too.

My bleeding stopped at 4 wks pp and then Hubby and I Started easing back into sex. We did it 2x that week, but I started to feel a little sore on the inside so we only lasted about 5 mins. I didn't have any real pain or anything.
We desided to give it a bit more rest before doing it again.

Now a week and a half later we do it again, no pain, no soreness . but now I have had red spotting for day and a half.

Is this bleeding from my uterus or was the sex a little hard on my cervix?
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I am from the March group...but couldn't resist this question being that I am a sex educator and sexual wellness coach.

Spotting postpartum can be normal for many women. It can happen for a number of reasons. If you experienced an orgasm your Uterus may have contracted deeply causing some spotting. Your cervix may also be sensitive, some women spot from their cervix even before having children. It depends on depth and angle of penetration.

Congrats on entering back into your sensuality! Feel free to PM me if you want to talk deeper.

If the spotting continues you may want to check with your MW or OB.

Hope that helps.
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