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Had the ultrasound

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Well I went into get my first ultrasound yesterday. Before I went I searched lots of ultrasound pictures via the intrnet to be a little prepared for what I was going into see. So needless to say going into it I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to make out much of anything.

Goodness was I shocked. It was alot clearer than I thought it would be. The little firecracker was extreamly cooperative on almost everythign and we got the clearest shot of it's little parts and its little baby bum...

It's a girl!!

Yay!! I am so excited. Me and my husband were both hopeing for a girl both none of us really going to admit that we were. She was beautiful and compleatly comfortable down there. She is already head down and has her head wedged down as far as she possibly could with her face toward my spine. So we didn't get a good veiw of her face at all, the one thing that she wouldn't let us get a peek at. But she is measuring about 5 days ahead of my dates and all is well..

now I can take a breath of fresh air and relax while I am at disneyland this week

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Yay!!! How exciting to get to see her so well. Glad to hear everything is looking good.
Yay!! Girls are awesome.
I love seeing the bean on u/ is truly amazing what you can see! All the little vertebrae blow my mind.
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Head down already? Wow, I'm impressed! Let's hope she stays that way!

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